May 12 2017

Goats on the Roof

On our recent trip to the Pigeon Forge area in Tennessee, we were driving around trying to find something in particular, when we passed something more interesting and got side tracked. We needed a place to turn around and the place we pulled into was called, oddly enough, Goats on the Roof.

We couldn’t help ourselves, we laughed when we saw the name of the place. Then, of course, we looked up on the roofs to see if they really had goats on the roof. Yep, them are goats. Sure enough. We didn’t stop for long that day because we really did have other plans. 
A few days later, we were trying to decide what sounded like a fun way to pass the day and nothing was really grabbing us when I mentioned we could go check out the goats a bit more thoroughly. Hubby jumped on that idea and off we went. We hung out and watched the goats a while, looked at all the cool yard decorations outside.

Went inside and looked through rows and rows of t-shirts. Hubby found one that said “Old Goat” that he really thought appropriate and funny and so we got it for him. The place was basically a huge tourist-type gift shop.

They sell goat food that you can feed the goats with. They have a bicycle thing that you can use to pedal the food up to the goats. I videotaped a lady doing just that. When the goats hear the chain moving, they all start heading over to the place where they know the food will show up shortly. The nanny goats were all up on the bridge over the parking lot but when several people started to feed the goats in the yard, they made their way down the ramp to the feeder filled with their grass/straw/hay. One of the short video clips I took of two nanny goats eating at this feeder, shows clearly one of the babies moving inside the nanny goat.

I have another video clip of the mama goat head butting, though gently, her baby when he gets to be a pest by nudging her on top of the big mountain of a rock they are both standing on.

Watching the goats was great, so we decided to go and get some of the home-made ice cream they sell alongside the many varieties of home-made fudge. We got our ice cream in bowls and took them out to the covered patio and sat watching the goats and how they reacted to the people trying to feed them.
The gift shop had so many of those cute little sayings on various types of signs. I take pictures of the funny ones so I don’t forget the sayings. Hubby and I got a chuckle out of one that said, “What Happens At The Cabin STAYS at the Cabin.”.

We had a nice long chat with a lady who was probably not much older than hubby. She was telling us all about the area and how she used to work at Dollywood and how genuinely nice Dolly really is. We spotted a new kind of fudge I’m not sure I would have the nerve to try but that made me think of my son. It was Maple Bacon fudge. The mom in me wonders about the shelf-life of fudge with meat in it.
Hubby and I thought they had a great idea and we really enjoyed relaxing on their huge porch swings and rockers. Enjoy the photos and videos, they were all taken on one of the two times we stopped at Goats on the Roof.


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  1. By Kristen E Higgins on

    I loved these videos and pictures! I will have to check this place out next time I’m there.


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