April 22 2017

Peanut Slaw at Whisky’s

Hubby and I left on Friday, early afternoon, and drove toward Cincinnati, Ohio. Because it was my birthday and since we were going that way anyway, we decided to stop and have a late lunch in a cute little place in Lawrenceburg, Indiana called Whisky’s Restaurant. We had been there once many years ago. Back then, while waiting for a table, I talked to a local lady and asked what we had to try while we were there since it was our first time. She recommended Whisky’s famous Peanut Slaw. Our table was called only moments after her recommendation was given. When we placed our orders, we took her advice and tried it. I can’t remember what else we had that day, but the peanut slaw was memorable. So when we found ourselves in the general vicinity again, we decided to see if they were open for lunch this time. We were nervous as we pulled in because compared to last time when we had to wait at least 45 minutes to be seated, there were only a handful of cars in the parking lot. But luck was with us and they were indeed open, only a few tables seated.

We again ordered the peanut slaw and were not disappointed. Hubby also ordered the Gourmet Meatloaf with mashed potatoes (because it had a whiskey glaze I suspect, but also because the man really loves meatloaf). The slice of meatloaf was 2 inches thick. Very generous portions. I tried the Bangkok Chicken and it was good as well. Now you might be wondering what exactly peanut slaw is. I wondered the same thing my first time. It is a big scoop of some of the best coleslaw I have ever tasted that has been rained down upon by chopped peanuts. I thought I should take pictures to share with you, and I decided to take some of the menu too so you could see the offerings. (see all the photos below)

Since it was my birthday and also the first day of our vacation, we decided to celebrate/splurge and have dessert. Hubby tried the apple tart and I had the chocolate lava cake. I am kind of sorry I didn’t think to take photos of hubby’s food and the restaurant itself. The restaurant is made up of what used to be two houses.

It is a really great place to stop if you are going to be anywhere near Cincinnati, Ohio. It was certainly the right place to stop for a celebratory lunch.
Do you have favorite places to eat? Not chain restaurants now, I am talking about those great one-of-a-kind places that usually only the locals know about. Please share them with us in the comments below.

Menu Side 1
Menu Side 2
Peanut Slaw
Rye Bread in the bread basket
Bangkok Chicken
Lava Cake

If you are interested in seeing more photos of the place and the food, taken by others, you can find them here.

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