June 16 2017

Worth (Five Minute Friday)


What are you worth? I have discovered lately that I am worth having a clean space to call my own. It is worth the hours I will put in to sort through every single thing in my office to clean it out, organize it and make it mine again. I am worth having a clutter-free space to work in. As I sort through everything I am finding many things that cause me to question why I thought they were worth hanging on to at all. If you keep piles of paper long enough, eventually an awful lot of it will become trash and thus easier to part with.

The things that are worth keeping are sometimes hard to decide how they should be kept for easy retrieval later and where they will be kept. I have had to get brutal and peel the layers away one at a time to get down to what I really think is worth keeping. Do I love it? Does it bring me joy? Do I need it? Will I be able to find it when I do? Could I let Google find it for me the next time I need it? Could I maybe scan it or take a photo of it and store it on a computer or hard drive for future reference? How do I know which way is the best way and is it worth all this effort or would I be better off pitching it and moving on to the next piece of paper?

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The prompt this week is: Worth

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  1. By Debbie Williams on

    HA! HA! I just came out of my office and logged on and see this. I’ve been filing, shredding, and tossing. It’s 12:25 AM. I am fairly good at finding stuff, but I sure need to learn how to better purge and love your ideas.

    1. By Karen Beidelman (Post author) on

      Well, you can follow my progress here. I figured once I posted the before pictures on my blog I HAD to do the work and it is already SOOOOO much better than it was when June began that I am so glad I am making myself actually do it. I am also wishing I had started it in January. Thanks for your post, I will now be getting emails when you post new things, can’t wait to read what you post next. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

  2. By Tanya on

    Love this! Wish I could make my kids realize they are worth a clutter free space, too! 😉 (FMF#77!)

    1. By Karen Beidelman (Post author) on

      Just keep setting the example and someday they will come around. We got the most wonderful card from my daughter when she was in college thanking us for teaching them to cook and clean and do their own laundry. She also thanked us for not being psychotic helicopter parents like some of her friends had. So just keep doing what you would like them to imitate…it may take years, but it will be worth it eventually. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

  3. By Vernette on

    I am a digital hoarder and I find myself printing things to “read them later” but then later never really comes and I have all these random recipes of meals I probably wont fix and articles that I could have just read in the time it took me to print and then store. Ever so often I go on a shredding binge and promise myself that I wont do it again. But as I type this I’m staring at a pile of folders in front of me with “read later print-outs in them”.

    1. By Karen Beidelman (Post author) on

      Keep plugging away at it. Every little bit helps. I have recipes too! Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

  4. By Gayl on

    Hi Karen,
    I was just going through some things on my desk today. What a mess I have, and there is so much clutter in my house. I like your perspective. I AM worth the time it takes to pare down and have a more enjoyable working and living space. When you look at it that way, it gives even more incentive to make things nicer. Thanks for your encouragement today and for visiting my blog.

    Blessings to you!

  5. By Barbie on

    My house needs a good decluttering. All the mess makes me anxious, but I am worth taking the time to get my house in order because I know I will feel better. I’m in the #70 spot today at the fmf party!

    1. By Karen Beidelman (Post author) on

      So glad I am not alone with all the clutter around me! Let me know how it is going. Misery loves company. Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!


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