March 2 2017

We Messed Up Our Kids

We are good parents for the most part. Our kids might even agree. However, in the process of raising them to be the wonderful productive members of society that they are today, we may have seriously messed them up.

First we had a rule that they could only cry when they got “hurt” if there was blood involved. Next if they kept whining about some painful thing, we would tell them, “Don’t worry honey. If it still hurts tomorrow, we will just cut it off.” You know what? NOTHING ever hurt tomorrow! Now that seriously cut down on the whining around our house. We also wouldn’t let them use a band-aid unless they were actively bleeding. Don’t judge! Those cute cartoon band-aids were not cheap! I like to think we were teaching them to deal with the things life throws at them in a mature way.

I might need to preface this next one with the fact that I was going to school to get an elementary education degree when the kids were preschoolers, so I may or may not have used them as Guinna pigs to test out educational theories. So whenever we were having M&Ms or Skittles as treats, the kids would have to pour them all out of them bag and count them to see who had more and who had less. Ok, that may be why they grew up to be competitive. Then, once they figured out who was the winner, I mean who had more candies, I would take the extra from the kid who got more, just to even them out of course. Then we would sort the candies by color and line them up like giant bar graphs. There was always lots of conversation revolving around which color had more or less. Or, if we eat 4 green ones how many will be left? How many do you have when you add the red ones and the blue ones together? How many more yellow than brown ones do you have? I can tell, you are judging again. Stop that! They liked it, thought it was fun even. Apparently the brainwashing worked so well that they tell me they still play with their candies like this before eating them.

Another thing we may have done to them was kept a peeled whole carrot in a tall glass of cold water in the refrigerator to give them when they were teething. Our oldest did this a lot. The cold carrot soothed the gums and if his little teeth managed to scrape some off it wouldn’t hurt him a bit. He would be strapped in his high chair just having a good time gumming that carrot. When he was done we would rinse it and put it back in the glass of water to keep it at the ready. Now I’m not saying he wouldn’t love carrots today if we hadn’t done this to him, but you never know.

They also grew up watching those geeky science shows on TV like CSI, Numb3rs and Criminal Minds.

Now lest you judge us as terrible parents, let me tell you about my two college graduates, I mean kids. My oldest, well he grew up loving carrots, got a degree in physics education and became a high school physics teacher. My baby girl grew up loving all sorts of fruits and veggies, got a degree with dual majors in Biology and Forensic Science and dual minors in Chemistry and Criminal Justice. She currently works in a lab by day and serves in a bar on weekends.

So, how did your parents mess you up? How have you messed up your own kids? Please, do tell.

February 28 2017

What I Wish I had Known from Day One

When I decided to start a blog, I thought of it as an easy way to have an online diary where I could write anything I wanted and never worry about anyone else reading it. I never planned to tell anyone it was there. When I recently decided to start taking my blog more seriously, all that changed. I decided to buy a domain name and use WordPress for my blog.

I had a lot to learn. Of course, there was the technical side of things and getting everything set up, but one of my biggest worries was getting people to actually read my posts! What if I spent time and effort to get my site up and running and then no one actually visited my blog?!

Recently I was thrilled to find the tool that I wish I had from day one. Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog has put together a FREE guide called 5 Types of Content that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic where she shares the kinds of posts that took her from zero page views to hundreds of thousands of visitors a month! Her insight and examples are so helpful and can help get any blogger or blogger-to-be started on the right track.

Snag your free guide here!

If getting your blog off the ground is on your to-do list, there has never been a better time! Grab Abby’s guide and start creating content that your readers will love! I am working on some ideas based on the free guide myself. I can’t wait to see what you do with your site! Happy Blogging!

February 22 2017

New Mug Designs

I just released 13 new mug designs and lowered the price of all mugs in honor of the launch. All mugs have design on both back and front. If you bullet journal or write, check them out at:

The price goes back to the regular price after the time runs out.

If you have a design in mind that you would like to see, I’d love to hear about it. I can add logos or photos too. Email me at: LightHouseLifeLessons {at} so we can talk about your ideas.

February 20 2017

Why Not Today? Kindle Book

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A great guy named Eric Dodge just announced on a FaceBook live video that his book, Why Not Today? is FREE for a limited time on the Kindle platform. (No longer free, hope you grabbed it before the offer expired.)

I reviewed this book in a recent post here.

I just wanted to help Eric by telling everyone about his book and that it is free right now. He thinks it would be fun to be number one on the Kindle list, so how about helping him out by downloading the book while you can for free? Come on! It’s a great book and even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on your computer or smartphone.


February 17 2017

Bullet Journal – January Flip Through

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I originally began bullet journaling back in October 2016, but because I was using the Lime Green Leuchtturm1917 A5 Hardcover Lined Journal that I had on hand, I didn’t feel like I could really do the spreads right without having the dots or graph lines to help me. I did the best I could but in the back of my mind I kept telling myself that maybe I should/would treat myself to a dotted Leuchtturm1917 in Purple with Christmas money and start the new year fresh in a new journal. As it turns out my son somehow ordered exactly that for me as a gift so all I had to do was wait not so patiently for it to show up at my door. It came just in time to take it on our weekend cabin getaway over the new year.

I know how much I like seeing what other people choose to out in their permanently-bound bullet journals. The fact that it was important enough to use one of the pages in their journal means it is worth looking at in my opinion. So I thought maybe I would share mine too.

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