December 28 2017

Craft Plans for Winter

What plans do you have for crafting this winter?
Me, I almost exclusively make hats to donate to charity or someday sell on my own website or through an Etsy store. Not that I have done either yet, but someday I will, maybe.

Take a look at your yarn stash, you know you have one! Figure out what project you want to make from some of your stash yarns.

Unless you are making a tried and true pattern, like the hat pattern I use constantly, you might want to watch this video from Lion Brand yarns.

6 Bad Habits Every Knitter and Crocheter Should Break!

I know you want to craft ALL the things but go easy on yourself. Maybe you need to finish a project or two before the day you are planning to gift it arrives. Maybe you need to just give up on some of the skeins in your stash because you now realize you will NEVER get around to using them. Take them along to your next knit or crochet group meeting and toss them on the table and let everyone know they are up for grabs. Think of it as giving the yarn you bought a chance at living a life as a project made lovingly by someone else’s hands. Maybe the person who grabs the yarn up will make something to donate to charity with it but couldn’t afford to buy yarn to give away themselves.

Just release it. One woman’s unwanted yarn is another woman’s treasured future project. My personal rule is that if the yarn was given to me for free it needs to be made up and given to those charities who help the homeless or needy in our city. I try to let the person I got the yarn from know it was made up and see the finished project. It helps them feel better about giving away part of their stash.

So, my plans include fun projects like the ones shown below. The 2 skeins of yarn were donated to make hats with, so I made the first one with both yarns and loved how it turned out. (Note the graphic at the top of the page shows this same hat as the background.)

You can see how the yarns looked below.

In the photo below are the 3 hats I made using these two really beautiful skeins of yarn (see skeins in the photo shown above). I use my yarn winder to wind each skein of yarn, and then put the cake of newly wound yarn into quart-sized zip top slider bags to keep it clean while I work with it. The bags can be zipped partially closed to keep the whole thing from coming out if a tangle ensues.

The left hat is the purple paired with solid white, the middle is the purple and the variegated yarn together as shown barely started above, and the right hat is the variegated yarn paired with white. I love seeing what combinations I can make out of yarn pairings and this helps keep me from getting bored crocheting hats all the time from the same basic pattern. Just because they are easy to make doesn’t mean they can’t also be warm and beautiful to wear.

Enjoy your crafting this winter and be sure to comment below and let us know what you made and where we can see photos of your finished projects. Now go get your crochet on!

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