October 26 2017

The Heavenly Inn (Room 106)

October 2017 – South Lake Tahoe, California

Lynn and Melissa were both extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful at the office and both bake very tasty peanut butter blossom cookies. Lynn even loaned us an electric teapot to use while we are here. These ladies are great. I never saw either of them in less than a cheerful mood. They personify service with a smile. They both deserve a raise in my humble opinion!

So, here is the grand tour.

There is a soda machine right outside our door in case you get a hankering in the middle of the night.

Walk in the door, 2 queen-sized beds.

There is a 3 plug/3 USB power strip to the right of the window Heat/Air conditioner unit. Very nice, super helpful. May need to add one of these to my travel bag.

Our travel plan left us a free zippered cooler bag as a welcome gift along with info and wifi passwords.

We would have loved to have an easy chair and/or desk in front of the door that connects to room 105 which reportedly will never be used because the rooms are owned by different vacation plans.

There is an outlet under the photo to the left of the door to the outside world.

Small kitchen. Could really use some outlets by the table. To plug in laptops, and chargers.

We did find additional outlets. Unfortunately, they are hidden in the cabinet above the toaster and blender. Presumably, these were originally intended for use with a microwave that would have fit into this cubby.

The only chairs provided in the room. A tight fit if 2 people are sitting at the table and another wants to open the refrigerator, but with just the two of us it was fine.

The bathroom door is left open at night to block some of the light from the night light that we had to use in the kitchen instead of the bathroom which we would have preferred.

The only usable outlets in the kitchen.

One of our trusty travel tricks is to pack this little nightlight and plug it into an outlet in the bathroom so we can more easily find our way in a room we are unfamiliar with. This also makes just enough light to see to go in the middle of the night, but not so much as to make your body think it is time to wake up.

The only cooking method provided. A microwave/convection oven. Scary to me, but supposedly, you can bake anything in there and a lot of bakeware is provided with the room.

Wow! That is clean!

View of kitchen with the bathroom door closed.

The even smaller bathroom.

Not much room to move around. A towel bar for the hand towel near the sink would be a nice addition.

Notice the empty hair dryer holder. There was a hairdryer provided, but not one that would fit the holder. We were told one was on order and the one that was provided worked perfectly.

The hair dryer could not be used in the bathroom because it wouldn’t plug in. Looked like something was blocking the outlet from inside of it. The little green light apparently indicates that it does have power.

A nice little shelf. If they would move to the corner under the window, and to the left of the sink, this would make more room to dry off.

You can see the beds through the doorway.

I am not a fan of shower stalls, but as they got this one was good. The bathroom could use more space to dry off. Considered moving the shelf over to the left of the sink, to leave room to dry off there but didn’t want to rearrange.

The walls and ceiling could use some sound-proofing. I think the upstairs neighbors were moving furniture or wrestling from the sounds of it, but it wasn’t too bad and at least it was during the times we were already awake.

The housekeeping person came in only on Tuesday for our unit per the rental agreement the week we were there and that was plenty. She went above and beyond even putting away our dishes that were clean and in the dish drainer. The room was very clean and neat.

This is a beautiful property and the room looks great. With a few tweaks, it could be perfect. Would I stay here again? Yes, but only if there were no more than two of us staying in this room.


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