October 19 2017

3rd Quarter Goal Check-in

Way back in January, I shared my 2017 SMART Goals. Three quarters of the year have flown right by and it is time to see how I am doing on those goals. In the past, I have made goals, written them down, shared them with a group, and then forgotten all about them until the end of the year when it was time to make new goals for the coming year.

That system wasn’t working for me at all. Then only goals I got done were the ones that were accidental, never because I planned to get them done. Usually, when I found the list again, I was pleasantly surprised if I managed to get any of my goals accomplished. This year, I am trying something different and if you are reading this, I could really use your help. I need you to ask me about my goals and check in with me from time to time to see if I am getting them done. This is the piece that was missing in the past.

Here are the goals I set at the beginning of the year:

1) Do a cabin weekend DONE!
2) April trip DONE!
3) Annual Hockey Trip for the kids’ birthdays (November)

FITNESS GOALS: (meh, but ongoing)
1) Get 6 hours of sleep a night (127/273 = 46%)
2) Drink 6 cups of water a day (212/273 = 77%)
3) Continue using MyFitnessPal app (I enter my weight each day, have been trying to enter most of my meals and I fell off the green smoothies wagon a while back )

1) Clean out my home office (3/4 done with pics to prove it!)
2) Declutter the landing DONE!
3) Declutter my clothes (1st pass done)

1) Do some genealogy (Does looking through old files count?)
2) Take three writing classes DONE!
3) Read for thirty minutes a day (Consistent)

1) Pray daily (Consistent)
2) Read 15 inspirational fiction books (DONE! 27 read so far, I think)
3) Crochet 26 hats to donate to charity (DONE! As of 7/9 have actually finished 35 so far) Do you want to see photos?

WRITING GOALS: (ongoing)
1) Finish one of my previous NaNoWriMo novels (1st edits done)
2) Publish something (DONE! Guest Post on NaNoWriMo Blog 8/21)
3) Participate in NaNoWriMo (planning in Oct and WILL win again)

OK, I know I am making progress. I have finished 9 out of the 18 goals I set! The other 9 goals are ongoing or have made significant progress on them.

How are you doing on your goals for 2017? What have you learned about goal setting? I learned that I need to set more measurable goals and goals that are not ongoing. Those ongoing goals are nice enough, but unless you do them every day for the whole year you feel like you failed at least a little.

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