January 18 2018

My 2018 SMART Goals

Here is the list of my 2018 Goals. I hope I did a better job of choosing SMART goals this year. I tried to choose goals I could track in my Bullet Journal. See the photos of the trackers below.

Spring Break Cabin Trip
College Avenue Stitchers (1st Saturdays)
FlyFests (2nd Saturdays)
Knit & Crochet It Forward (2nd Saturdays)
YarnSlingers (3rd Tuesdays)

Sleep (6 hours/night)
Water (6 cups/day)

Finish Cleaning Office
Backup Floppy Disks to Iomega Drive
Paint Table for Porch
Master Bedroom (work on it)

Pay Off Car Loan
Pay Off TAN
Pay ALL Bills on Time
Save $6,000 for London Trip

Donate 36 Crocheted Hats
Donate $ to NaNoWriMo
Gift Wrap for DAR (December)

Get Family Tree Maker (upgrade from 2006 version)
Update My Genealogy Websites
Setup a Way to Sell my Crochet Online

Read 100 Books
Complete Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge
Read 3 Personal Development Books
Update Resume

1 New Blog Post/Week (Thursdays)
Continue Five Minute Friday Posts

Continue to Add Content
Try to Film Bullet Journal Flip Through
Try Being On Camera with Someone for a Virtual Write-In

Complete NaNoWriMo (November)
Read 3 Writing Craft Books
Take 3 Writing Classes
Submit 3 Guest Blog Posts or Magazine Articles for Publication
Write 3 Contest Entries
Thursday Night Writing Group (see tracker near top of page)

I still have a couple more trackers I have yet to set up. I feel like I did a better job of setting goals or at least finding ways to keep track of the goals I set.

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  1. By Ruth on

    Wow! Impressive! But that step tracker looks hauntingly familiar…! LOL!

    You’ve given me some ideas of things I should be tracking, too, darn it!

    1. By Karen Beidelman (Post author) on

      I’m glad I could help. Sometimes, I like filling in the boxes and don’t want to skip the opportunity to do so, so the trackers help me. Other times the trackers help me to be honest with myself about how I am doing on my goals. I’m telling you, I’ve never achieved so many of my goals as I did in 2017 when tracked them in my bullet journal.


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