January 19 2018

Intentional (Five Minute Friday)

It is not intentional when I stay up a tad too late most nights. In fact, I tell myself almost daily that I will get to bed early or at least at a decent time. But I find so many things to occupy my time and it just flies by and before I know it I look up and it is midnight or even later. I usually berate myself for the fact that I just cannot seem to get my sleep or the lack thereof under control. I also promise myself that tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I WILL get to bed early.

It’s not that I don’t want to sleep. I just want to do the other things I am doing more. What am I doing you ask, when I should be sleeping? Oh, lots of things. Tonight I was listening to an audiobook on my phone, GOD Speaks Your LOVE Language by Gary Chapman. It is great! I never thought of my relationship with God that way. I read the 5 Love Languages book years ago and even got hubby to take a quiz so we could figure out that we spoke different love languages. I’m not sure if it helped him much, it’s hard to tell with men, but it did help me to understand him a little better. The book I am listening to has me thinking about love languages and how God might use them to express his love to us. Some nights my brain is spinning and it just won’t settle down so I can sleep. So many thoughts to think!

Sometimes I am up late working on the blog or writing up a post. Tonight I just had to look to see what the Five Minute Friday word prompt was for the week. Making the graphic to use in the post was intentional. What I didn’t intend to do was actually sit down to write the post before going to bed. I just wanted to know what the word was so I could think about it overnight and while I work tomorrow and then sit down to write my five minutes when I got home tomorrow evening. Well…the best-laid plans…I think I should have waited to make the graphic until I saw where this word would lead me. I intended to talk about tea, but that will have to wait for another day. My squirrel brain went down a different path before I could stop it. Oh well, enjoy the graphic anyway. I think it turned out kind of cute.

I highly recommend both of these books. The links above and below for the books are affiliate links which means if you happen to purchase anything using one of the links, I might a very small commission at no additional cost to you. You can also just check them out of your local library, which is free and also highly recommended.

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The prompt this week is: Intentional
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  1. By Amy Boucher Pye on

    I need to be more intentional about going to bed earlier too! That time at night seems to disappear. I’m reading a book about sleep and it’s convincing me more about this!
    #FMF 13 this week

    1. By Karen Beidelman (Post author) on

      What book are you reading about sleep? I read part of Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson, but then the library wanted it back before I could finish reading it. What I read was great. I know I need to do better about getting more sleep, but…
      Thanks for stopping by, hope you will come back again and find other things of interest.

  2. By Rhonda Crowdis Hardisty on

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorite books. I too have read some of the 5 love languages books years ago, but have never thought about God speaking our love language. Can’t wait to go find the book for myself. Blessings!

  3. By Lauren Sparks on

    I cannot relate. I start to turn into a 90 year old come 10pm! Sometimes I wish I could function on less sleep. And love the Love Language books.


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