July 8 2017

Blessing (Five Minute Friday)


I have been thinking a lot lately about blessings. I have been having trouble with my leg for the past couple of weeks since my knee decided it would be a good idea to try bending the wrong way while walking up the ramp after work to my car. Even when it first happened, it was a blessing that it was no worse than it was. It hurt, yes, but I could still walk on it ever so gently. I got the rest of the way up the ramp of the parking garage and into my car where I could sit and rest it for a while and consult Google to see what I might have just done to my leg and whether it was bad enough that I needed to get it looked at. Even Google was a blessing at that point. I was further blessed when I went to my writing group meeting because I could still use the leg to work the gas and brake and drive myself around. The meeting was very near a hospital that night, another blessing. There was nobody home to help me if I needed it, so hanging out where I could get dinner and sit and write while I rested my leg with friends around to help me if I needed it seemed like another blessing.
Two weeks later, it still hurts most of the time but is tolerable. I tell myself it is a blessing that, even with this pain, I still have both legs and they still work, although not as good as they once did. I can get up and down out of a chair and walk pretty much anywhere I need to. It still doesn’t feel strong enough to actually think about walking for exercise but at this point when it heals some then I tweek it again somehow, I am just glad it is still basically functioning. It is getting steadily better and that too is a blessing.
Your life is full of blessings every day. When you are feeling like you are a burden or life is not worth living for whatever reason, take a look around you and you can ALWAYS find someone else whose life is worse than yours who would trade you lives in a heartbeat if they could. Counting your blessings and thanking God for all of them is a great way to have a positive outlook on life. Give it a try.

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Sorry, this one is over a week late. This was the prompt for Friday 6/30/2017.

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  1. By Kristen Higgins on

    Very good article, Karen! Hope you recover quickly!


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