October 19 2017

3rd Quarter Goal Check-in

Way back in January, I shared my 2017 SMART Goals. Three quarters of the year have flown right by and it is time to see how I am doing on those goals. In the past, I have made goals, written them down, shared them with a group, and then forgotten all about them until the end of the year when it was time to make new goals for the coming year.

That system wasn’t working for me at all. Then only goals I got done were the ones that were accidental, never because I planned to get them done. Usually, when I found the list again, I was pleasantly surprised if I managed to get any of my goals accomplished. This year, I am trying something different and if you are reading this, I could really use your help. I need you to ask me about my goals and check in with me from time to time to see if I am getting them done. This is the piece that was missing in the past.

Here are the goals I set at the beginning of the year:

1) Do a cabin weekend DONE!
2) April trip DONE!
3) Annual Hockey Trip for the kids’ birthdays (November)

FITNESS GOALS: (meh, but ongoing)
1) Get 6 hours of sleep a night (127/273 = 46%)
2) Drink 6 cups of water a day (212/273 = 77%)
3) Continue using MyFitnessPal app (I enter my weight each day, have been trying to enter most of my meals and I fell off the green smoothies wagon a while back )

1) Clean out my home office (3/4 done with pics to prove it!)
2) Declutter the landing DONE!
3) Declutter my clothes (1st pass done)

1) Do some genealogy (Does looking through old files count?)
2) Take three writing classes DONE!
3) Read for thirty minutes a day (Consistent)

1) Pray daily (Consistent)
2) Read 15 inspirational fiction books (DONE! 27 read so far, I think)
3) Crochet 26 hats to donate to charity (DONE! As of 7/9 have actually finished 35 so far) Do you want to see photos?

WRITING GOALS: (ongoing)
1) Finish one of my previous NaNoWriMo novels (1st edits done)
2) Publish something (DONE! Guest Post on NaNoWriMo Blog 8/21)
3) Participate in NaNoWriMo (planning in Oct and WILL win again)

OK, I know I am making progress. I have finished 9 out of the 18 goals I set! The other 9 goals are ongoing or have made significant progress on them.

How are you doing on your goals for 2017? What have you learned about goal setting? I learned that I need to set more measurable goals and goals that are not ongoing. Those ongoing goals are nice enough, but unless you do them every day for the whole year you feel like you failed at least a little.

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October 16 2017

Invite (Five Minute Friday)

The word this week is invite. So I would like to invite you, if you are reading this post, to take a minute to go back and read another post or two from my blog.

I would also like to invite you to write with me during the month of November when I am doing a new novel for NaNoWriMo.org. I would especially like to invite everyone to help hold me accountable to get my 1,667 words written each day and to strive to write even more so I can actually get to the finish of a new novel.

I would also invite you to check in with me about finishing up the office clean out. There isn’t a lot left to do except to deal with the stacks of paper that I never seem to have room for in the files and never know what to do with.

So, if any of you would like to accept this invitation to be writing accountability buddies, I would love it if you’d email me.

This post is part of the weekly Five Minute Friday link-up!
The prompt this week is: Invite
The assignment: Write for five minutes on the word of the week. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write.

October 16 2017

31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes Challenge (Sticky Post)

This post is part of the 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes Challenge. Scroll down for the links and the graphic showing the prompts for the month.

It will be pinned to the top of the page until the end of the month. Check back for updates on the prompts. I may write several at a time and update just a couple of times a week. I seriously considered not posting any at all until all 31 were written. But that seemed like a long time to let myself possibly get behind. Do I will post at least once a week. FiveMinuteFriday posts will be posted separately as they have been. Continue reading

October 14 2017

13 Lessons Learned on Friday the 13th at the Airport

1) Do NOT under any circumstances, show up less than 30 minutes before boarding time begins at the designated gate.
2) ‎Try to avoid making stops to your spouse’s work to pick up the jacket and headphones he forgot to bring home. This delay will cost you more than a new jacket and headphones in airport food prices alone, not to mention the time you can never have back. Plan ahead, make a list or do without.
3) ‎Bring some snacks in your carry on luggage. Preferably healthy ones.
4) ‎Wear comfortable and sensible clothes and shoes.
5) ‎Pack all chargers for cell phones, laptops, tablets etc. In your carry on luggage. Preferably in small zippered bags so they don’t get tangled and you can find them easily.
6) ‎Also, make sure you have all medications with you and not in your checked luggage. Luggage gets lost or sometimes it gets to the final destination 12 hours before you do.
7) ‎If you are traveling with children, especially those under five or six, bring an adult to be assigned to reach infant or toddler because babies require a lot of care, and once they have learned to walk, they tend to run off unexpectedly. Trust me this is a parent’s worst nightmare, so admit you need help and bring it with you.
8) ‎Know where the restrooms are, and wash your hands each time you visit them because anything less is just gross! Hand sanitizer is great AFTER you wash your hands, not instead of!
9) ‎Wear long pants because it may be chilly and you just don’t know what has been touching the seats in the waiting areas or plane. Better to ruin a pair of pants than developing a rash on your lower body.
10) ‎Wear or bring a jacket, preferably with zipping pockets because it may be cold or you may want to wad it up for a pillow and you wouldn’t want anything falling out of your pockets as you rush around the airport.
11) ‎Be patient, polite and thoughtful of your fellow passengers. Nobody enjoys a sourpuss who complains about everything.
12) ‎Get plenty of sleep and do whatever is needed to keep your children from getting fussy. No one wants to hear kids whining, crying or screaming. You, as a parent, don’t need the added stress either. Upset or badly behaved children just add tension to an already stressful situation.
13) ‎When you go through security or leave any seat or area, check carefully to be sure you didn’t leave ANYTHING behind. I can’t tell you how many announcements we heard about keys, Apple watches, or other belongings that were left behind.
We even heard one where a person was asked to call the rental car company because they needed their car key back!That’s it. Thirteen tips to help you as you travel in honor of the Friday the 13th I spent in the local airport waiting over 13 hours for a fight out to start our vacation. It all turned out well enough and it gave me the info to write this post to help others.

Best seatmates: 8-year-old Jake and his mother, Tammy. It was truly a pleasure sharing a flight with both of them.

Best line given by a flight attendant: Bottoms up or give it up!
October 12 2017

4th Update on Office Project

If you haven’t been following along on my office cleanout goal or you are new here, welcome to the huge goal I set for myself to get done during 2017. If you want to see all the before photos of just how badly cluttered my tiny 8′ x 8′ office (formerly known as the breakfast nook) was. I realized as the month of May was ending that I had wasted the first 5 months of the year I had allotted myself for this task and so I got busy and took the before photos and posted them to publicly shame myself into getting busy.

Well, I’m sure if you have been following along, you gave up on me ever finishing by now. I am still not finished but I have done so much that I know I can finish this project this year. I have been much kinder to myself by doing just small chunks at a time that just didn’t seem worthy of reporting to the world here.

Here is the finished China Cabinet all closed up. The doors were not refinished like the rest of the cabinet and we have the drawer front that is missing where the long narrow slot is.

Ok, let’s open it up and show you what it looks like.

I wanted to show you the photo below because I had forgotten how cool the inside of the built in China Cabinet was. My Mother-In-Law is the one responsible for picking out the wallpaper and refinishing the woodwork that got done in this office. That was long before December 2000 when we moved in. Look how she wallpapered and even added a narrow border to the back wall of the shelves! I love it and it will stay that way for as long as it can last.

I need your help. I am looking for clear plastic “C” or “U” shaped trim to put on the edges of the shelves to hold the vinyl flooring edges down smoothly. I cannot seem to locate any. All I could find were 3″ long pieces meant to put to be used in the retail world to put prices on the front edge of shelves. These shelves measure just a hair under 7/8″ thick including the flooring. See how it wants to curl between the staples that are holding it in place? If you know where I can find this trim in 39″ long pieces or longer, please email me (lighthouselifelessons(at)gmail.com).

This is what the slot and bottom looked like before:

Bottom 2 shelves in china cabinet

Below are two photos showing the stuff I store in the drawer slot and the bottom of the cabinet.

This is what the top section of the cabinet looked like before.

Here are some as I was clearing the shelves and reorganizing things.

I decided the effort put in here was so huge, I deserved to splurge a bit, so I ordered these white bins in two sizes off of Amazon. I will post affiliate links at the bottom of this post in case you like the looks of them. They seem much more sturdy than those I found in the stores locally and they are nicer looking too. I was very pleased with the quality and the look they provided. The best part is they only cost about $60 total and came in 6-packs! I have since noticed these same bins in a few YouTube videos and they always look like new, so I feel like they will last.

I did most of the work on the China Cabinet over Labor Day Weekend while I had the entire weekend and house to myself. I just turned on K-LOVE radio on one of the computers and cranked it up to keep me going. also

I made so much progress that I also tackled the left and right sides of hutch.

Left inside of hutch

Right inside of hutch

Then another day, I took on the top right drawer:

Top small drawer on right small file cabinet

Then the next drawer down got the full treatment too:

Middle drawer on right small file cabinet BEFORE

Below is the one photo I forgot to take when I was doing the before shots. Doesn’t every large desk have the under the desk long skinny drawer of shame? This was mine.

No worries. I played Tetris with the boxes and trays I had around the house and did a ton of decluttering to get it to look like this. I don’t mind telling you I was really dreading this one, but it is a relief to know it is finally done.

So, you can see I HAVE been busy. I think I just need to sort thru about 3 more drawers of files and clear the tops of the tall file cabinet and the hutch. Then, hopefully, I will have room to put away the piles of paper still on the desktop that I couldn’t begin to fit into any of the file drawers.

I am thinking maybe one final check in but it may not be until after November, because in November I do this thing called NaNoWriMo and until that is over I will be busy planning and plotting and then, of course, writing at least 50,000 words on a new novel.

Stay tuned!

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Here are the links for the bins I used (The price is for a 6 pack of each size so total cost was only about $60!):

Sterilite 16288006 Deep Ultra Basket, White Basket w/ Titanium Inserts, 6-Pack

Sterilite 16268006 Large Ultra Basket, White Basket w/ Titanium Inserts, 6-Pack

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